Tracker 2.x

Legacy documentation for Tracker 2.x.

Tracker 2.x includes an importing utility that lets you convert over from Tracker 1.x or DevDemon Hits 2.2.

Importing from Tracker 1.x

There is no upgrade path from Tracker 1.x to Tracker 2.x. However, we've included an importer utility that will essentially let you upgrade. It's important to note that Tracker 1.x is EE1-only, and Tracker 2.x is EE2-only. You cannot upgrade to Tracker 2.x while on EE1. You need to do the following steps in order:

  1. Always be sure to backup your database before importing!
  2. Make sure you're using the latest version of Tracker 1.x (v1.3.1).
  3. Upgrade from ExpressionEngine 1.x to ExpressionEngine 2.x.
  4. Upload and "upgrade" Tracker 2.x, according to Tracker 2.x updating instructions.
  5. Run the Tracker 1.x importer tool.

Importing from DevDemon Hits 2.2

If you are currently using the DevDemon Hits add-on, you can convert over to Tracker 2.x. You must be on ExpressionEngine 2.x and using Hits 2.2 version to run this importer utility. Tracker 2.x currently only supports views for channel entries, so only channel entry views will be imported from Hits 2.2. Always be sure to backup your database before importing!