Tracker 2.x

Legacy documentation for Tracker 2.x.

Tracker includes a special fieldtype that allows you to create a Tracker custom field to place into your publish page in the EE control panel. The following steps will help you get started with creating and using Tracker fields on your site.

1) Creating a Tracker Field

  • Go to the Channel Fields area in the CP. Select the appropriate Field Group, and then click the Create a New Channel Field button.
  • For the Type, select Tracker from the list.
  • Name the field as you wish - for example Stats with short name of tracker_stats.
  • There are no special field options for this fieldtype.
  • Click Submit to save the new custom field.
  • If you wish to create more Tracker fields, just follow the procedure above again.

2) Viewing Stats in the Publish Area

  • Go to the Publish area in the CP. If the field group the Tracker field belongs to is assigned to the channel you selected, you should now see the special Tracker field.
  • This field can be adjusted, moved around, or hidden just like any other regular EE custom field.

3) Removing a Tracker Field

If you wish you delete a Tracker field, simply delete it the same way you would any other custom field.