Tracker 2.x

Legacy documentation for Tracker 2.x.

The Tracker module control panel area allows you view a variety of stats on views for your entries and channels. You can also set and adjust preferences to control performance, member group view tracking, and advanced member group access privileges (to the Tracker module control panel).


This tab displays a variety of stats for your entries and channels. The time range view can be adjusted to view stats by days, weeks or months, as well as options to narrow in on date ranges.

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This tab displays a list of utilities available with Tracker. Available is a manual Stats updater, a Tracker data trimming utility (to remove old Tracker hits from the database for performance benefits), and an importer tool from Tracker 1.x or DevDemon Hits 2.x. For a closer look on using the importing tools, refer to Importing from Tracker 1.x or Hits 2.x documentation.

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This tab displays a list of preferences that can be adjusted according to your sites needs. Included is a set of preferences that allow you to show/hide pages for member groups in the Tracker module CP area.

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All documentation is available on the Solspace site. This tab will take you directly to the Solspace site documentation area.