Template Morsels 1.x

Legacy documentation for Template Morsels 1.x.

Control Panel

Creating, modifying, and deleting morsels is all done in the CP. To get to the Template Morsels control panel area, click on the Modules tab in the ExpressionEngine control panel. Then find Template Morsels in the list, and click on the link.

Adding a New Morsel

To create a new morsel, in the Template Morsels control panel, click on the green button at the top-right corner of the page labelled "Add a Morsel". Then follow the list below:

  • Name: this is the name in which you will refer to when pulling this morsel of code into your template(s) on the front end of your site via the Fetch tag.
  • Preparsed Snippet: select Yes to have the morsel behave as if it was a native EE Snippet, but with the template data parsed before bing put into the template.
  • Refresh: Leaving this value at "0" will cause your morsel to only be refreshed by the weblog, template or category update rules listed below:
    • Template Refresh: when one of the selected templates is edited, the morsel will be refreshed.
    • Channel Refresh: when an entry is published or edited in one of the selected channels, the morsel will be refreshed.
    • Category Refresh: when a category is created or edited in one of the selected category groups, the morsel will be refreshed.
  • Code: this is where you place the template code you'd like to have cached and available to be pulled into your front end templates via the Fetch tag.
  • Usage Notes: you can store some notes about this morself for yourself here.
  • Click the Update button at the bottom of the page and your morsel will be saved.

Managing Morsels

To modify any of your existing morsels, just look for it in the list and click on the name. It will then take you into edit mode and you can fully modify the morsel. To delete any existing morsels, just select any in the list you wish to delete, and click the "Delete" button at the bottom of the page.


Here you can manage preferences for Template Morsels.


Provides a direct link to the Documentation hosted on the Solspace site.