Template Morsels 1.x

Legacy documentation for Template Morsels 1.x.

Version 1.7.3 (November 21, 2014)

  • Fixed a bug where dynamic-only channel updates would fire Redis code when Redis was not the active caching type.

Version 1.7.2 (April 21, 2014)

  • Updated for compatibility with ExpressionEngine 2.8.

Version 1.7.1 (October 11, 2013)

  • Updated for compatibility with ExpressionEngine 2.7.

Version 1.7.0 (April 8, 2013)

  • Removed support for ExpressionEngine 1.x (Template Morsels is now EE2 only).
  • Added offline documentation files to download package.
  • Added support for Redis.
  • Added {exp:template_morsels:escape} tag so you can keep code live inside of a morsel.
  • Added {exp:template_morsels:escape:pre} tag which prevents code from being parsed by morsels at all.
  • Added ability to let Template Morsels be Preparsed Snippets.
  • Added ability to save Template Morsels as files.
  • Added a Template Morsels menu item in the Template Manager (enabled by default, but can be disabled).
  • Added refreshing of morsels when affiliated entries are deleted.
  • Added 'Refresh All Morsels' button in the module's CP.
  • Added 'Notes' field for morsels.
  • Added ability to choose Channel Statuses on Channel Refresh.
  • Added ability to choose 'Add Only' or 'Edit Only' on Channel Refresh.
  • Added ability to only empty dynamic cache on Channel and Template Refresh.
  • Modified Edit Morsel success message to include name of morsel just saved.
  • Modified Edit Morsel and Refresh Morsel so on completion, it is returned to the correct page of Manage Morsels for that morsel.
  • Updated for compatibility with future versions of ExpressionEngine.
  • Fixed a bug where errors were thrown when saving a morsel in the CP due to incorrect pointing of package directories when certain third-party add-ons were used in the morsel.
  • Fixed bugs related to MySQL strict mode errors.

Version 1.6.0 (February 10, 2012)

  • Added the ability to refresh Template Morsels via a Cron (EE2-only).
  • Updated module to be MySQL Strict compatible.

Version 1.5.4 (September 26, 2011)

  • Fixed a bug where the AOB Parser class did CP redirects (?URL=) on CP Requests.

Version 1.5.3 (August 12, 2011)

  • Added CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci to DB tables and changed two file names to use the new database prefix.
  • Fixed a bug where dynamic Morsels would no longer work in EE 2.x because an error with the Template parser.

Version 1.5.2 (August 4, 2011)

  • Converted Template Morsels to use Solspace Add-on Builder Framework, and Solspace Bridge for EE 1.x.
  • Added support for Snippets in Template Morsels in EE 2.x.
  • Updated Template Morsels to allow for MySQL Strict mode compatibility.

Version 1.5.1 (March 7, 2011)

  • Added NSM Add-on Updater support.
  • Fixed a bug where a fatal PHP error would sometimes display when using the Embed Harvest feature.
  • Fixed a bug with pagination in the Template Morsels control panel.
  • Fixed a bug where on update, the updater didn't do a proper check for the presence of a DB table before attempting to alter it.

Version 1.5.0 (December 29, 2010)

  • Upgraded module to use Solspace Bridge with CodeIgniter, therefore allowing compatibility with EE 2.x.

Version 1.1.1 (November 26, 2010)

  • Modified Template Morsels to now perform per-Morsel Remote Caching instead of per-page Remote Caching.
  • Modified the CP so if a Morsel is refreshed only by Template or Weblog update, no "Next Refresh" date is shown.
  • Modified the Edit form to no longer display the Morsel Live Preview. A link to preview the output is now available.
  • Updated the refresh code to be more efficient when duplicate morsels might be in a template's embedded templates.
  • Fixed a bug where Dynamic Morsels would not be updated correctly if Refresh rate was 0.
  • Fixed a bug where Morsels inside other tags would not be processed correctly.

Version 1.1.0 (March 25, 2010)

  • Added the template_morsels:harvest="" parameter for Embeds.
  • Added the {exp:template_morsels:harvest} tag to trigger the Embed Harvest when a Fetch tag is not in the template.
  • Complete rewrite of the User-side parsing routine for Template Parser.
  • Improved the Template Log Items for Template Morsels so that it is not interupted by the re-caching routine.
  • Indexed both the queue_hash and queue_status fields. Reduced the size of both fields to make the indexes and searches faster.
  • Fixed a bug where non-dynamic, cached Template Morsels were processed as dynamic Template Morsels.

Version 1.0.0 (September 24, 2009)

  • Initial release.