Super Search 1.x

Legacy documentation for Super Search 1.x.

The Super Search module is designed to greatly improve the performance of your average EE search or blog page. It can be used as both a search engine and as a replacement for the Channel:Entries tag.

The architecture of the module borrows from Google's model of constructing search queries. Anything that you might want to query for, keywords, weblogs, categories, statuses, custom fields, date ranges, custom field numeric ranges, etc. can be loaded into a single URI segment by using the Super Search syntax. This makes pages highly cachable, shareable, flexible and versatile. Values can of course be hardcoded using template parameters. But if you choose, you can also load all of your params into a single query string and provide that as a param. Forms can be created freely by you to submit queries to a results page and Super Search will translate the contents of the POST. Everything resolves itself into the standardized Google-like search string. So if you want, you can assemble queries on the fly using Javascript in your page, send that to Super Search and load it via AJAX into your page.

The primary reason it was developed was out of a desire to serve pages from EE as fast as possible. There are several levels of caching included which further improve performance. In our testing so far, searching for the letter 'a' across a DB with 50,000 unique entries, Super Search can return and parse batches of 50 entries on a simple shared server in under .25 seconds. These load times are dependent on Super Search caching and will vary of course, but you should be able to greatly improve your page performance.

Super Search supports relevance based searching which has been a need in EE for some time now. Most clients want to execute a search quickly and then see results sorted by some model of relevance. Super Search makes this available.

Try it today! 30 day money back guarantee! If Super Search does not meet your expectations, or is not right for you, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase.