Static Page Caching 2.x

Legacy documentation for Static Page Caching 2.x.


This module allows you to cache an entire page in ExpressionEngine based on its URI (the part after index.php). The page will be stored as a file on the server and your Site's .htaccess file will have rules added to it that will point any requests for that ExpressionEngine page to the cached file, bypassing ExpressionEngine entirely. All happens seamlessly: the URL will not change in the user's browser window, as the server loads the cached file behind the scenes. This allows the user to still bookmark or link to your pages as usual.

The time to use this module is when your Site is being hammered by hundreds and thousands of requests every minute, as this creates an incredible strain on MySQL and PHP. When these requests are redirected to an already processed and cached page there will be no load placed on ExpressionEngine or on MySQL and PHP, thus preventing your server from slowing down and possibly crashing.

NOTE: We recommend NOT caching your homepage to prevent possible server error issues.