Shortcut 3.x

Legacy documentation for Shortcut 3.x.

Control Panel

The Shortcut control panel area is where you can create and edit shortcut URL's, in addition to adjusting preferences.


This area allows you to create new shortcut URL's or edit and delete existing ones. To create new shortcuts, click the Add a Shortcut button, then simply fill out the Full URL field with the URL you want to create a shortcut for, and fill out the Custom Shortcut field if you wish to create a custom a custom shortcut key instead. For custom shortcuts, be sure to include your specified shortcut prefix (for example, if you want a custom shortcut to be pie, and your shortcut prefix is x, then your custom shortcut would be xpie).

Shortcuts Shortcuts


This page allows you to control the prefix for your shortcut URL keys, a custom alternate vanity base domain for your shortcuts (for example: http://pan.ts), and whether or not you want to use ambiguous characters in automatically generated shortcut keys.