Importer 2.x

Legacy documentation for Importer 2.x.

The Importer module control panel allows you to create Import Profiles that define the source of your data, how it is parsed, and how it is imported into ExpressionEngine. Once a profile is created, you can perform the import manually in the CP or set up a cron to process it on a regular basis. Whenever an import is performed, it is logged and you can view the details of the import within the Import Log tab of the Importer control panel.


This tab displays a list of all available Import Profiles for the site. You can edit the profile by clicking on it's name. To run the import, click the Run link. The links in the Cron URLs column are for use with creating crons to automate imports. For more information on importing using crons, please visit the Cron Importing documentation.

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Creating Import Profiles

To create a new import profile, visit the Homepage tab, under the Create New Import Profile heading you can select the type of the data being imported and then you will be able to select the type of content you can import into with that data type. For example, you can select JSON and import that data into Channel Entries. Click the Create New Import Profile button and Importer will walk you through a multi-step wizard to create the import profile with all required settings. For more information on data types and content types, please visit the Data Types and Content Types documentation.

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Import Log

This tab displays a list of imports that have been done in the past. You can click on the Details link for each line to see more details about each import.

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All documentation is available on the Solspace site. This tab will take you directly to the Solspace site documentation area.