Friends 1.x

Legacy documentation for Friends 1.x.

The Friends module Control Panel area allows you to control Messaging preferences, and view stats and information about members, friendships, and groups.


This tab gives you a simple breakdown of stats for the Friends module.


This tab lists all members participating in Friends module features, and displays some stats about their friendships. By clicking on a members name, you can then view a detailed list of all friends for that member.


This tab lists all virtual groups that have been created, along with the owner of each. You can further see a list of all members, as well as pending invites and confirms for each group. And lastly, group details can be edited within the Friends module CP area, as well as deleted.


This tab lets you control general preferences and the Private Messaging system (for Friends usage of it only).

Maximum Message Characters

This is the maximum number of characters that a message may contain. Any messages with a character count exceeding this number will trigger an error message and will not be sent. Default value is 6000 characters.

Message Waiting Period

This is the minimum number of hours that must pass before a new site member may send a message. Default value is 24 hours.

Message Throttling

This is the minimum number of seconds that must pass before a member may send another message. Default value is 30 hours.

Messages Per Day Limit

This is the maximum number of messages that a given member may send per day. Default value is 1000 per day.

Maximum Recipients Per Message

This is the maximum number of recipients to whom a given message may be sent. Default value is 20 per message.

Demo Templates

If you wish to load the demo templates for Friends, go to this tab. Then just create a prefix name for the sample data such as test_ or friends_, and click the Install Demo Templates button.


All documentation is available on the Solspace site. This tab will take you directly to the Solspace site documentation area.