Freeform 3.x

Legacy documentation for Freeform 3.x.

The Freeform module Control Panel area allows you view submitted entries, create and edit fields and notification templates, and adjust preferences.

Entries tab

This tab will display a list of all submitted Freeform entries. You can filter the list by Collection names and status. You can also edit individual entries from this area as well.

Fields tab

This is where you manage all custom Freeform fields. You can create and edit all existing fields.

Templates tab

This tab is where you manage all email notification templates. You can create and edit all existing notifications templates.

Preferences tab

This tab allows you to control a variety of spam settings for when using the dynamic recipients feature in your forms.

Documentation tab

All documentation is available on the Solspace site. This tab will take you directly to the Solspace site documentation area.