Facebook Connect 4.x

Legacy documentation for Facebook Connect 4.x.


Facebook is the defacto standard on the web for social networking. Practically an entire generation of people are using it, not to mention over 1 billion active users across every known demographic and social category. The Solspace Facebook Connect (FBC) add-on allows you to connect your ExpressionEngine website to this thriving community.

FBC enables you to create a single sign-on experience for your site users. They can login with their Facebook account and interact with your site just as any other ExpressionEngine member would.

FBC also brings Facebook to many of the other functions provided by EE. You can let your users send comments, ratings/reviews and status updates from your site over to their Facebook account for their friends to see. And remember, in all of these cases, your users are sharing your site with their friends and personalizing their recommendations about it, driving more relevant traffic back to you.

You can integrate FBC into your EE site in one of three ways:

  1. Create a completely seamless experience where users never know that your site has its own member database and permission structure.
  2. Require that your users first become EE members and once they do, they are then eligible to sync their Facebook account with their EE account on your site (thus giving you more control over their profile data).
  3. Decide not to handle any member account registrations/logins and just use FBC to easily handle usage of the Facebook Social plugins on your site.

In the first 2 cases, FBC allows a Facebook member to become an EE member. Once someone is recognized and can be logged in as an EE member, they can interact with anything on your site that requires or is dependent on EE membership such as native EE functions or any other EE add-on.