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Updating Instructions #

NOTE: There is currently no migration path from classic Freeform/Freeform Pro to Freeform Next. Freeform Next can be used alongside classic Freeform/Freeform Pro installations if you're wanting to try out and/or switch to Freeform Next. We recommend you read the Switching from Freeform Classic documentation to learn more about the differences.

NOTE: If you're upgrading from Freeform Next Basic to Freeform Next Pro, you can follow these same instructions below. There will be no update button/process as it is not required, though you may see the Update button if the version number is greater (e.g. Basic 1.0.3 to Pro 1.0.6).

Freeform Next has its own Update Service built in, which means that every time there's an update available, an Updates Available nav item will show up in the Freeform Next add-on area of the EE control panel. You can then review the changelog there, or view it here.

Freeform Next's Built in Update Service

To download the update, simply click the Get Latest Version button, and you'll be taken to your account area on the Solspace site where you can log in and download the updated package for Freeform Next. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Within your EE sites /system/user/addons/ and /themes/user/ directories, delete the freeform_next folders.
  2. Unzip the download package:
    • Copy the freeform_next folder to your EE sites /system/user/addons/ directory.
    • Open the themes folder and copy the freeform_next folder to your EE sites /themes/user/ directory.
  3. Go to the Developer > Add-on Manager page and click Update button for the Freeform Next add-on.