What site doesn’t need easy, flexible forms?

Freeform allows you to create simple or complex forms on your ExpressionEngine website. Create simple contact forms or collect more useful information from your visitors with more complex forms. And with Freeform Pro you can use an intuitive and enjoyable drag and drop interface to create forms. With pro you can create multi-page forms, and forms where submissions can be edited by the submitter.

Field type driven, Freeform and Freeform Pro give you the strength and flexibility to adapt to your client’s needs as they change over time.


The feature chart below displays a list of features available to Freeform Pro, Freeform and the native EE Email add-on to help you determine the right solution for your site.

Freeform Pro Freeform EE Email
Cost & Support
Cost (USD) $89.95 Free Included
Refund policy 30 days
Support methods Free private help desk Free private help desk Paid private support
Demo Templates Included Included
Drag and drop interface for creating forms (Composer)
Member group Access permissions for module control panel
Channel entry fieldtype allowing users to attach Composer-based forms to entries
Create basic forms on front end to collect user-inputted data
Create complex custom forms for collecting user-inputted data
Create tell-a-friend style forms
Store, view and edit submission data in database
Display form submissions in front end templates
Editing of entries in front end templates
Notifications for admins and/or submitter
Notifications for user-defined recipients (securely)
Moderate form submissions
Export submission data
Multipage forms
Create unlimited amount of custom fields
Custom formatting templates for Composer-based forms
Custom error pages
Javascript-less inline errors on form submissions
Custom statuses for submissions
Duplicate detection/prevention for each form
Admin notifications for CC & BCC
Create unlimited amounts of custom notification templates
Set certain fields to be Required
Manually add new form submissions through control panel
Spam Protection
CAPTCHA support for forms
Blacklist keywords in form submissions
Field Types (default)
Checkbox Group
Country Select
File Upload
Mailing List
Province Select
Radio Buttons
State Select
3rd Party Support
Support for additional 3rd party fieldtypes


The latest version of Freeform Pro is 5.0.5. The chart below shows the current technical requirements and compatibility for the latest version of Freeform Pro.

  What People Are Saying

We evaluated several web form solutions for ExpressionEngine and quickly identified Freeform as the best solution for our needs. With Freeform, we were able to get our client’s sites to market quickly and easily train new users on the platform as they grow.


We have been able to give clients the ability to make the forms they need with little involvement from us!

Hendrik-Jan Francke

Must have addon for those looking for any type of form solution!


Pretty much everyone who develops sites using ExpressionEngine is going to use Freeform at some point. I used Freeform Pro on a relatively large website to give the administrators some freedom over their forms by using the Composer functionality.

Damien Buckley

@solspace - using Freeform for the first time in a while. Nice polish on the UI - not afraid to put the client in front of this now.

Freeform 4 is bloody good, it has to be said. Haven’t used the Pro version but feel I may need to.

@solspace new freeform module is really neat. Made my life a lot easier on a new project I just completed

Rigged up a @solspace Freeform Pro composer template to work with Bootstrap and Foundation. Very cool. Now #EE forms are REALLY easy.

@solspace Thank you for great support today! Freeform is the most useful #eecms add-on. Amazing what you can get it to do!

I **really** like the latest version of @solspace’s Freeform. Huge improvement over an already great add-on. #eecms

Can’t get over how good the free version of Freeform Pro is from @solspace such a time saver. #eecms

Wow, Freeform 4 really is a thing of beauty. @solspace #eecms

@solspace Damn, this new freeform 4 is pretty!


The following is a list of software that other developers have created to work with this add-on. In no way do we endorse any of these add-ons, nor do we provide support for using or implementing them.

more info  
Freeform Grid Free  |  Freeform 4+ / Freeform Pro 4+

by Q Digital Studio

Sometimes, a grid-like field is exactly what you need for the job at hand. Think Pixel & Tonic’s Matrix or the new ExpressionEngine Grid style: columns and rows of complex data that just won’t work with the built-in set of field types. This is exactly what we needed for a recent client – only we didn’t want to take the time to create a full-blown Freeform Pro integrated field type – so we improvised, or freestyled a little bit.

more info  
Grid Fieldtype for Freeform Free  |  Freeform 4+ / Freeform Pro 4+

by Michael Rog

This is a prototype Grid fieldtype for Freeform Pro. Still in development / use with caution. It allows you to create a table field with variable number of labeled columns. On the front-end, the rendered field includes controls for adding and removing rows in the table.

more info  
Freeform Anti-Spam Free  |  Freeform 4+ / Freeform Pro 4+

by Vaya Design

Freeform Anti-Spam protects your forms from spam submissions without making legitimate users jump through hoops with CAPTCHAs and the like. If you would prefer not to block spam submissions entirely, FAS can be configured to flag spam, so you can easily filter it out when it hits your inbox.

more info  
Hon-ee Pot Captcha Free  |  Freeform 4+ / Freeform Pro 4+

by Trevor Davis

Adds Honey pot captcha support for Freeform, Safecracker, EE Member Registration, EE Member Login, Zoo Visitor Registration, ProForm, Solspace User Registration, and EE comment forms. Validates to make sure that a field that is moved off of the page is left empty upon form submission.

more info  
Honeypot Free  |  Freeform 4+ / Freeform Pro 4+

by Nathan Pitman - Nine Four Ltd

The "Honeypot" extension helps to limit spam submissions made via popular modules such as "Solspace User", "Solspace Freeform" and "Expresso FreeMember" by testing against a field that should not be completed, a honeypot.

more info  
Snaptcha $29  |  Freeform 4+ / Freeform Pro 4+

by PutYourLightsOn

Snaptcha is an invisible captcha and will be the last time you will ever have to think about protecting your forms from spam bots. Snaptcha will automatically add a hidden field to your forms and will validate it on submission. If it determines that a spambot is attempting to submit the form then it will prevent the form from being submitted and will output an error message. You can control the level of security as well as the error message text.

more info  
Subscriber $20  |  Freeform 4+ / Freeform Pro 4+

by Wes Baker

Freeform extension that adds new subscribers to multiple Campaign Monitor or MailChimp subscriber lists. You can either add everyone or people who have a particular value in a field (such as a checkbox).

more info  
Escort $9  |  Freeform 4+ / Freeform Pro 4+

by Amphibian Design

Let your site's email get sent by the pros! Escort seamlessly routes all emails generated by your site through any of five third-party transactional email services, all using their HTTP APIs. Escort currently supports Mandrill, Postmark, SendGrid, PostageApp, and MailGun. Want extra assurance? Escort supports failover from one service to the next - activate multiple services to ensure that if one service fails for any reason, the next in line will be used to send your email. If all services fail, ExpressionEngine®’s default mail setup will step-in as a last resort.

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