Favorites is the original and premier entry and member saving add-on for ExpressionEngine! With robust and feature rich functionality and templating tags, you're able to accomplish a wide variety of things that go beyond the essentials of "saving and unsaving".

Favorites allows your members to save both entries and other members as favorites (and save notes!), multiple times too if they wish, using an Admin pre-defined set of collections. Favorites can then be updated, switched to different collections, or removed altogether. The sky's the limit on this, as this could be manipulated to simulate bookmarks, following members, upvoting content, photo light boxes, etc.

Included functionality for Favorites is:

  • Display how many users saved the given entry/member.
  • Display lists of users that saved the given entry/member.
  • Display 'related' lists of other entries/members that were also saved to favorites by users.
  • Display ranked lists of entries/members that have been most favorited.
  • Display ranked lists of authors who's entries have been most favorited.
  • Display lists of saved entries/members for the currently logged in user.
  • Display lists of currently available collections.
  • Front end collection creation/editing form (for admins).


The latest version of Favorites is 5.0.3. The chart below shows the current technical requirements and compatibility for the latest version of Favorites.

  Compatibility Chart

Favorites currently only supports the latest version of ExpressionEngine plus 1 point version back. The red, vertical dashed line represents the cut-off for EE versions we support. EE versions to the right of that line are no longer supported by us with our add-ons. The icon represents an update specifically for compatibility with that EE version. Please upgrade to this add-on version before upgrading to that version of ExpressionEngine.

Date formats below are: M/D/YYYY. As always, we recommend that you always use the latest versions of our add-ons. However, this chart may answer some of your questions about upgrading the Solspace Favorites add-on and ExpressionEngine, and reduce the risk of incompatibility. This chart also serves as a guide to see when support for the latest version of ExpressionEngine becomes available.

EE 3.5.x EE 3.4.x EE 3.3.x EE 3.2.x EE 3.1.x EE 3.0.x EE 2.11.x EE 2.10.x EE 2.9.x EE 2.8.x EE 2.7.x EE 2.6.x EE 2.5.x
5.0.3+ 6/22/2016
5.0.3+ 6/22/2016
5.0.1 4/18/2016 5.0.0 12/7/2015 5.0.0 12/7/2015 5.0.0 12/7/2015 4.0.4 4/27/2015 4.0.4 4/27/2015 3.1.3 3/26/2014 3.1.3 3/26/2014 3.1.2 9/18/2013 3.1.1 5/1/2013 3.1.0 1/29/2013

  What People Are Saying

This versatile add-on is essential for so many types of websites. I've used it on a celebrity chef's website to allow guests to save recipes to their "recipe box", I've used it on a book swapping site to load up books as favorites for later swapping. I've even used it on a site where user profiles were set up as channel entries, and favorites allowed other users to "friend" other profiles.

Ryan Battles

  Who's Using It


Updating Instructions #

If you're upgrading from Favorites 4.x on ExpressionEngine 2.x, it's recommended that you upload the new Favorites files to your new ExpressionEngine 3.x site directory just before running the EE2 -> EE3 upgrade. Proceed with the following instructions...

  1. Within your sites ./system/user/addons/ directory, delete the favorites folder and upload the new one from the /system/user/addons/ directory in your download package.
  2. Within your sites ./themes/user/ directory, delete the favorites folder and upload the new one from the /themes/user/ directory in your download package.
  3. Go to the Add-On Manager area in the ExpressionEngine control panel, scroll to down to the Third Party Add-Ons section, and find Favorites in the list, and click Update.
  4. If updating from Favorites 3.x, review the Favorites 3.x to 5.x Upgrade Guide and update your templates as necessary.

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