Solspace Calendar is the original and premier event and calendaring add-on for ExpressionEngine!

Calendar offers up both power and simplicity, giving you all kinds of options to satisfy your calendar needs. Need a simple display of daily activities? How about a monthly calendar? Need to fully control every table, div, and class that makes up the HTML that will become your calendar? Calendar can do all that and more.

Calendar utilizes the power of ExpressionEngine’s Channel module. Every event is created in an intuitive fieldtype as part of a channel entry. Therefore, you can take advantage of any and as many custom fields and field types, categories, etc to go along with your calendar event data. If you can do it to an entry in EE, you can do it to a Calendar event.

Events in Calendar allow you to make recurrences and exclude dates. Need weekly events? Have a group that meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month? How about a monthly meeting that does not meet during the summer? Calendar can do all that.

Last but not least, Calendar allows you to export your events as ICS data, allowing your users to import your event data directly into other calendar applications like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsfot Outlook, and more.


The latest version of Calendar is 2.1.0. The chart below shows the current technical requirements and compatibility for the latest version of Calendar.

  What People Are Saying

We've applied Calendar to a number of challenging projects, including a major University to a well-known movie theater in NYC, and it has come through every single time. We recommend it highly!


My client was looking for a calendar on their directory site after a lot of searching around and trying to build our own in house, we settled on Calendar from Solspace.

Insignia Creative

The output is really customizable making it look really streamlined on your site, and not just another 3rd party solution that’s plugged into your site with no thought whatsoever.


Perfect for a church website, this add-on saved a ton of time in getting a church calendar up and running. The .ics integration worked fine, and hooking up multiple calendars was easy.


Very pleased with results we got from @solspace calendar working in harmony with @objectivehtml Google Maps http://t.co/7fkq9kqJxY #eecms

Working with @solspace calendar today, love how much I can do with it…took me 20 minutes to convert from native #eecms calendar!!!

If you haven't used @solspace's Calendar lately for #eecms, you're missing out on a truly great add-on. It's come a loooong way from v1.0 <3


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