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Salesforce Lead 1.0.0

Sends Contact Form plugin submissions to Salesforce as a Lead

  Plugin Overview

This plugin works with the Pixel & Tonic Contact Form plugin. When visitors post to a contact form, their submission is sent to the Salesforce account indicated in the Craft general configuration file. A Lead is created in the indicated Salesforce account with the name, email, message, company and some other fields mapped from the contact form when the visitor submits the form.

Plugin settings allow you to:

  • Set API settings.
  • Set test mode in order to post to a Salesforce sandbox account.
  • Build on Craft's environment specific configuration capability to use separate API credentials per environment.

NOTE: Solspace can assist with customizations to this plugin, as well as create additional Salesforce integration functionality. Just contact us!


The latest version of Salesforce Lead is 1.0.0. The chart below shows the current technical requirements and compatibility for the latest version of Salesforce Lead.


For updating instructions, please visit the documentation.

  What People Are Saying

  Documentation     Install Update


  1. Copy the salesforcelead folder into your sites ./craft/plugins/ directory.
  2. Go to the Plugins area (Settings -> Plugins) in the Craft control panel, find Salesforce Lead in the list, and click Install.
  3. Setup and configuring:

    • Copy the sample API configuration settings below into the ./craft/config/general.php file. Update the settings in that array to match those of your Salesforce account:

      'salesforcelead_api_test_mode'          => 'n',
      'salesforcelead_api_provider'           => 'salesforce_soap',
      'salesforcelead_api_user'               => 'YOUR SALESFORCE EMAIL USERNAME',
      'salesforcelead_api_password'           => 'YOUR SALESFORCE PASSWORD',
      'salesforcelead_api_security_token'     => 'YOUR SALESFORCE SECURITY TOKEN'  
    • If you are testing against a Salesforce sandbox account, make sure to set salesforcelead_api_test_mode to y.

    • Your Salesforce API Security Token can be found by going to:
      • Go to
      • Click your name at top right menu, select My Settings
      • Edit my personal information
      • Reset My Security Token (located in menu on left)
      • Press Reset Security Token button
      • Your API Security Token will be emailed to you
    • Refer to the Usage documentation for setting up your contact form.


  1. Within your sites ./craft/plugins/ directory, delete the salesforcelead folder and upload the new salesforcelead folder from your download package.
  2. Visit the Craft control panel and let the upgrade routine run.

  Pro Services

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