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Freeform 1.x Docs


Solspace Freeform ties into regular Craft User Group Permissions. Simply visit the permissions page for the applicable user group(s) (Settings > Users > User Groups) to grant/edit/remove permissions to Solspace Freeform.


  • General
    • Access Freeform - required for users to access Solspace Freeform at all.
  • Freeform
    • Access Dashboard - access to the Freeform Dashboard page.
    • Access Submissions - access to the Submissions list page.
      • Manage All Submissions - can view, edit or delete any submission, regardless of per form selection below.
      • For "MY FORM NAME" - can view, edit or delete submissions for this form.
    • Access Forms - access to the Forms list page.
      • Manage Forms - can create, edit or delete forms.
    • Access Fields - access to the Fields list page.
      • Manage Fields - can create, edit or delete fields.
    • Access Email Templates - access to the Email Templates list page.
      • Manage Email Templates - can create, edit or delete email notification templates.
    • Access Export Profiles - access to the Export Profiles list page and running of exports.
      • Manage Export Profiles - can create, edit or delete export profiles.
    • Access Settings - can access and update settings area for Freeform as well as access Error Log page.