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Calendar Calendar 1.7.0

Create full-featured calendars and recurring events with exceptions.

Control Panel - Month view with Sidebar (calendar filtering and mini calendar) Control Panel - Week view Control Panel - Create Event Control Panel - Create Event Control Panel - Create Event with Locales Control Panel - List of Events Control Panel - Event Settings Control Panel - General Settings Control Panel - Install Demo Tempates Control Panel - Create Calendar Control Panel - Agenda Widget Control Panel - Quick Event Widget Control Panel - Upcoming Events Widget Control Panel - Updates Service Demo Templates - Full Calendar library implementation (Month view) Demo Templates - Full Calendar library implementation (Week view) Demo Templates - Month view Demo Templates - Week view Demo Templates - Day view Demo Templates - Event view

  Plugin Overview

The Solspace Calendar plugin for Craft CMS offers up both power and simplicity, giving you all kinds of options to satisfy your calendaring needs. Need a simple display of daily activities? How about a monthly calendar? Need to fully control every table, div, and class that makes up the HTML that will become your calendar? Solspace Calendar can do all that and more.

Solspace Calendar is an Element Type that allows you create and manage event entries similar to regular Craft Entries. The control panel also includes a groundbreaking approach to event management that feels very similar to popular calendaring apps like Apple Calendar and Google Calendar. Similar to these popular calendaring apps, Solspace Calendar allows you to view a full month, week and day view of your existing events, and click on any day of the month or time slot to create new events, click on existing events to edit them, and drag and drop events to move them to other days or times.

You can also manage your own set of calendars that become available to assign to each event. Each calendar can be assigned a color, which is already accounted for in the control panel and easily accessible to front end templates, making adding a splash of color and styling a breeze!

Events in Solspace Calendar allow you to make recurrence rules and exclusion dates. Need weekly events? Have a group that meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month? How about a monthly meeting that does not meet during the summer? Solspace Calendar can do all that.

Solspace Calendar allows you to export your events as ICS data, allowing your users to import your event data directly into other calendar applications like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

Last but not least, included with Solspace Calendar is a set of Demo Templates that can be installed on your site, instantaneously giving you a real-world set of styled, working templates.

$69.00 (reg $99.95)   Add to Cart

  Key Features

Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface

Groundbreaking approach to event management that feels very similar to popular calendaring apps like Apple Calendar and Google Calendar

Month, Week & Day Views in CP

Add, edit, move, delete events within these intuitive views

Events are an Element Type

Allows you create and manage event similar to regular Craft Entries and easily relate them to other elements

Intuitive Event Creation Interface

The event creation interface quick and easy to use

Recurring Event Rules

Create events with complex recurrence rules

Exclude Dates

Exclude certain dates from recurrence rules

All Day & Multi-Day Events

Set events to be "all day" and/or span multiple days

Unlimited Calendar Groups

Create and manage calendars which events are assigned to

Custom Calendar Group Field Layouts

Create a unique field layout for each of your calendars

Calendar Group Colors

Set the color of your calendars, which can automatically be seen inside CP views and front end templates

User Group Permissions

Granular user group and user permission controls

Powerful & Flexible Templating

Robust templating options to handle just about every scenario

Front End Event Creation

Create events on the front end

ICS Exporting

Export whole calendars and/or events with their recurrences, allowing your users to import event data directly into other calendar applications like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and more.


Includes 4 different powerful, customizable dashboard widgets


Relate events to any other element type


Includes a wide variety of customization options for CP


Full support for localization of field data

FullCalendar JS Library for Front End

Includes sample front end integration with the FullCalendar JS library

Demo Templates

Just 1 click and you have a real-world set of working templates


The latest version of Calendar is 1.7.0. The chart below shows the current technical requirements and compatibility for the latest version of Calendar.

  • Craft 2.6+ (2.6.2780 or later)
  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5.1+

  What People Are Saying

@solspace this really highlights what @craftcms offers its developers. And, at the same time, what the team at Solspace can do. Well done!

@solspace I just had to reply to say thats bloody awesome!!!! Great work

I just took a look at the video about the Solspace Calendar plugin. It's an absolutely amazing plugin!


  Documentation     Updates


Updating Instructions #

Solspace Calendar uses the Craft Update Service, which means that every time there's an update available, it'll show up in the Updates area of the Craft control panel. You can then review the changelog there, or view it here.

Craft Updates Service

To download the update, simply click the download button (you'll be taken to your account area on the Solspace site) and download the updated package for Solspace Calendar. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Within your Craft sites /craft/plugins/ directory, delete the calendar folder.
  2. Unzip the download package and copy the new calendar folder to your Craft sites /craft/plugins/ directory.
  3. Visit the Craft control panel and let the upgrade routine run.

  Pro Services

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