Calendar Documentation

Learn the basics, and get to know Calendar inside and out.


1.10.5 (February 7, 2018) #

  • Updated FullCalendar JS library to v3.8.2, resolving the issue where the jQuery 3.3.1 update in Craft 2.6.3006 broke the Month/Week/Day views.
  • Fixed a bug where repeat rules were not fully being removed from the database after editing an event to change it from repeating to non-repeating.
  • Fixed a bug where regular custom fields were not showing in the Live Preview editor CP view.
  • Fixed a bug where ICS files were not fully supporting ICS formatting standards.
  • Fixed a bug where events using 'Select Dates' repeat rule would not export correctly.

1.10.4 (January 10, 2018) #

  • Fixed a bug where postDate was not a valid option in Event URL's feature.
  • Fixed a bug where saving calendars was sometimes not playing nicely with other third party plugins.

1.10.3 (December 27, 2017) #

  • Fixed a bug where events with Select Dates would trigger an error for some users.

1.10.2 (December 21, 2017) #

  • Added Event URL link (globe) column to Events list page in Calendar control panel.
  • Fixed a bug where some translations were missing for front end event submission form.

1.10.1 (December 14, 2017) #

  • Fixed a bug where calendars could not be saved when using Personal and Client editions of Craft.

1.10.0 (December 13, 2017) #

  • Added Live Preview feature to Calendar events.
  • Added Event URL path feature to calendars, allowing automatic event routes and Live Preview, etc.
  • Added url property to Event object.
  • Added Author Editing Restriction setting, which if enabled, allows users (excluding Admins) with event creation privileges to only be able to edit or delete their own events.
  • Added simplifiedRepeatRule property to Event object, which displays a simplified version of the repeat rule (e.g. Weekly).
  • Added status: null parameter option to the calendar.event function, so disabled events can be shown as well.
  • Updated Calendar to use Craft's built-in duplicate slug handling.
  • Updated the calendar_demo/event demo template to be more versatile to be used with Live Preview.
  • Updated control panel icon.
  • Fixed a bug where slug would not be generated correctly if you were using the auto-generated title feature.
  • Fixed a bug where some customers would see a fatal error when loading template functions and having a field with handle of date.
  • Fixed a bug where events that were missing some required fields could not be drag and dropped in Month/Week/Day CP views.
  • Fixed a bug where the Demo Templates install banner would sometimes reappear when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug where there was an issue with displaying events around midnight because of a 1 hour offset.
  • Fixed a bug where some Yes/No strings were not translatable.

1.9.3 (October 17, 2017) #

  • Added the cp.entries.edit.right-pane Craft hook to the Calendar Create Event page in CP.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Quick Event" widget is labelled as "Calendar Agenda".
  • Fixed a bug where setting a value of now in dateRange parameters in the function was being incorrectly localized.

1.9.2 (September 8, 2017) #

  • Fixed a bug where updating calendars could sometimes result in an error or even deletion of calendar and associated events.

1.9.1 (September 5, 2017) #

  • Fixed a bug where "On Select Dates" inclusion list was including "12:00:00 AM" time on the list of inclusions.
  • Fixed a bug where ICS subscription/exports were not fully compliant with iCalendar standards.
  • Fixed a bug where running code from the Craft CLI/console, Calendar would throw an error in PermissionsHelper because there was no logged in user.

1.9.0 (June 12, 2017) #

  • Added new Guest access functionality and permission controls for submitting events on front end.
  • Updated Simple Event Object to include slug (used for JSON feed for implementations).
  • Fixed a bug where an error would show when viewing an event on the front end if using PHP 5.3.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting Calendar events via API was not triggering the correct events.

1.8.4 (April 21, 2017) #

  • Added RAND() ordering to function.
  • Fixed a bug where some locales would not work correctly with Month/Week/Day CP views and Widgets.
  • Fixed a bug where the limit parameter would not work correctly with loadOccurrences: false in function.
  • Fixed a bug where Calendar functions would not correctly override a locale at template level when there's also a locale segment in the URI.

1.8.3 (March 10, 2017) #

  • Added icsUrl and icsHash properties to Calendar object to allow automated displaying of ICS subscription URL's on front end.
  • Added isCurrentlyHappening and isHappeningOn() methods for Event object to check if an event is happening during the user's current time, or in an alternate specified date.
  • Added German language translation.
  • Added Calendar service layer for developers.
  • Fixed a bug where the Quick Event Create feature in Month/Week/Day CP views would not work for some locales.
  • Fixed a bug where the Edit button in tooltips on Month/Week/Day CP views would not correctly factor active locale into URL's.
  • Fixed a bug where Month/Week/Day Agenda widget would not factor in active locale translations.
  • Fixed a bug where other member groups with admin privileges would sometimes get an error when creating or editing events.
  • Fixed a bug where was looking at UTC and not at site's timezone/locale.
  • Fixed a bug where several words/phrases were not translatable in the control panel.

1.8.2 (February 21, 2017) #

  • Fixed a bug where accessing event pages in the control panel would result in a fatal error for some sites.

1.8.1 (February 16, 2017) #

  • Added ability to disable and customize titles for each calendar layout.
  • Added ability to view and sort events list in CP by post date.
  • Adding Simple Event object getter for event models for Fieldtype.
  • Updated Simple Event objects to no longer contain non-existing fields from content.
  • Fixed a bug where a locale was not assigned when creating calendars on Craft Client.
  • Fixed a bug where Calendar settings page headings were still showing old language keys instead of phrases.

1.8.0 (January 26, 2017) #

  • Added option to share calendars with publicly accessible ICS subscription URL, allowing users to subscribe (one way sync) their calendaring app to your sites' calendar(s).
  • Added locale switcher dropdown to CP Month/Week/Day views.
  • Updated Calendar to use English sentences instead of translation keys and language file to improve user experience when a translation is not yet available for a locale.
  • Updated Demo Templates installer to allow a fully custom directory name (no longer appends 'demo').
  • Updated Demo Templates to be a bit cleaner and easier to understand.
  • Fixed a bug where events that use the "Select Dates" rule would have the first occurrence date excluded from Month/Week/Day functions.

1.7.2 (December 20, 2016) #

  • Added an "All Calendars" permission that allows you to assign a user group / individual user to so they will always have access to all current and future created calendars.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to create events as a non admin with all the correct permissions would gives an error when attempting to save the event.
  • Fixed a bug where locales list in create/edit page would not check to see if non admins had access to locale(s) and hide the ones they don't have.
  • Fixed a bug where switching or adding new locales would not always work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the human-readable repeat rule string on front end was not localizing.

1.7.1 (December 12, 2016) #

  • Fixed a bug where creating/editing events would show a white screen for sites using only 1 locale.

1.7.0 (December 8, 2016) #

  • Added support for unique field layouts per calendar.
  • Added support for unique locale options per calendar.
  • Added a setting to enable/disable ability to use Quick Create event in Month/Week/Day CP views.
  • Added a setting to select which Calendar CP page is loaded when clicking the main Calendar nav item.
  • Updated dateRangeStart and dateRangeEnd parameters allow time ranges in addition to date ranges in function.
  • Updated plugin icon for control panel.
  • Updated documentation to include example plugin.
  • Fixed a bug where Calendar would error on install for sites using PHP 5.3.
  • Fixed a bug where disabled events could not be deleted when using the 'Delete' button in the CP Create/Edit page.
  • Fixed a bug where dateCreated (and postDate) were not available for the Event object.

1.6.0 (September 15, 2016) #

  • Added ability to duplicate events in the Create/Edit events page in Calendar control panel.
  • Updated demo templates to use Ajax-based mini calendar in the right column to switch through months.
  • Updated the End Date picker to be smarter by automatically selecting the following day when the End Time flowed into the following day.
  • Adjusted mini calendar in Month/Week/Day CP views to have more space to fit longer month names.
  • Fixed a bug where the function with loadOccurrences: false would not load ANY recurring events.
  • Fixed a bug where custom fields were available as options for sorting events (in Events list view in control panel) and would result in errors. Removed these from being displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where Calendar would cause errors for users using PHP 5.3.
  • Fixed a bug where a few language items did not use translation keys.
  • Fixed a bug where Calendar would error if an Asset has the same slug as an event.

1.5.0 (August 17, 2016) #

  • Added Events for developers that wish to extend Calendar's capabilities for event and calendar saving/deleting.
  • Added support for template Cache refreshing when events and calendars are saved/deleted.
  • Updated front end JS library integration to allow for custom field data.
  • Fixed a bug where creating events in the Month/Week/Day CP views would not work if a custom field was required.
  • Fixed a bug where creating events that didn't have a time set (and All Day NOT checked) gave them default start/end times of 12:00 AM, causing display issues in Month/Week/Day CP views. Calendar now automatically bumps the end time by 1 hour if it's set to the same time as start time.
  • Fixed a bug where the Create/Edit Event page in control panel would not highlight affected tabs with errors.
  • Fixed a bug where Calendar would have a fatal error when trying to submit event while date fields were left blank.
  • Fixed a bug where events with never-ending repeat rules would error with calendar.event function if date range parameters were not specified.

1.4.0 (July 7, 2016) #

  • Added front end event submission/editing form for Calendar events.
  • Added option to include disabled events in CP Month/Week/Day views.
  • Added Dutch (nl) and Latvian (lv) translations.
  • Added support for selecting events by slug in calendar.event template function.
  • Updated Calendar permissions to include more granular permissions for administrating calendars and settings.
  • Fixed a bug where Calendar permissions did not properly account for Craft Client accounts.
  • Fixed a bug where disabled events could not be accessed for editing in the control panel.
  • Fixed a bug where Start Date and End Date columns in Events list in CP were considering timezones when they shouldn't have.
  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking a day cell to add events in CP Month view would load an extra, unclosable instance of the Quick Create event modal.

1.3.0 (June 15, 2016) #

  • Added front end JS library integration example to demo templates (appears like control panel views), with administrative controls for authorized users.
  • Updated and optimized event parsing in control panel and templates to be significantly more efficient and faster.
  • Updated events to default to existing values in event save method when post values are not received.
  • Updated events to properly assign authors in Craft Personal.
  • Updated text labels in Month/Week/Day views of CP (Full Calendar JS library) to update with locales.
  • Updated Events controller to have a JSON response if the save or delete event request is an AJAX request.
  • Fixed a bug where Field Layout name for Calendar was incorrect, causing all fields across site to be loaded with Calendar, subsequently triggering errors and causing performance issues.
  • Fixed a bug where custom fields were not available to be added to the Table columns in Events list of control panel.
  • Fixed a bug where slug, status, enabled, author and authorId properties would not parse in the Event model.
  • Fixed a bug where author properties were not available in Event model.
  • Fixed a bug where the length filter would always return 1 on a result set of events.

1.2.0 (June 3, 2016) #

  • Added support for locales on custom fields.
  • Added optional mini calendar and calendar filtering options to Month/Week/Day views in control panel.
  • Updated 'Settings' page to be part of Calendar control panel area and improved organization of settings.
  • Updated Event element UI to no longer ask for confirmations when removing Exclusion dates or Select Dates.
  • Adjusted 'Month' week rows in control panel view to display more events.
  • Fixed a bug where having no tabs/fields in a Field Layout would stop Event element UI from showing.
  • Fixed a bug where the event counts for the Week object were not calculating correctly.

1.1.0 (May 19, 2016) #

  • Added 'Select Dates' repeat rule option.
  • Added pagination support for the template function.
  • Added 'Events List' example page to demo templates.
  • Improved Event Element UI to auto-select recurrence rule options based on start date when creating repeating events.
  • Updated Calendar to only display the Event Element UI on the first tab (when using more than 1 tab in Event creation page).
  • Updated Calendar to use translation keys and language file instead of English sentences for easier translation.
  • Adjusted some areas of Calendar control panel to appear more consistent with Craft control panel UI.
  • Adjusted startDate and endDate parameters to now accept operators ("<=", ">=", etc).
  • Changed navigation to use the left vertical nav bar instead of tabs.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'All Day' and 'Repeats' sliders would not actually work when dragged (only worked when clicked).
  • Fixed a bug where the "Install Demo Templates" tip banner would reemerge every time the Settings page was submitted.
  • Fixed a bug where event count and totals could be incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where changing ordering of Events results was not working.

1.0.0 (April 25, 2016) #

  • Initial release.