Web Reliability for Petroglyph

We conducted a Web Reliability Review to help this client resume a flow of ideas and customers during a crisis.


The Crisis

The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 stopped Petroglyph revenue flow in its tracks.


The Team

With 4 stores in the Bay Area of California, Petroglyph had ample human talent and ability to draw on.


The Approach

We helped Petroglyph look at their problem through the right lens. The crisis was an opportunity, and they had the business assets and capabilities to meet it.


The Process

Business Therapy is what we call it. When the goal is to open up new web revenue flows, it's the client who needs to be guided to their own epiphanies.



In almost all Web Reliability Reviews we find that the most valuable existing business asset is the expertise built into the current strategy and team.


For The Win!

Flow, movement in the right direction, without resistance or friction is the key. Petroglyph soon got things unstuck and found a way to emerge from the pandemic crisis.


During the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, many small local businesses found themselves without any means of generating income due to extended shelter in place orders. Petroglyph, the original paint-your-own pottery studio, with stores located in the California Bay Area, experienced the same halt in their flow of business that many other businesses did. Loyal customers were no longer allowed into their stores.

With no revenue flowing in other than that from gift card sales online, Petroglyph needed to get serious about restoring the flow of customers and income. The Petroglyph experience is largely an in-store experience. It's a night out with friends. It's a birthday party. It's a holiday date.

All of this needed to be moved online in the pandemic era.

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The Root Problem

How would Petroglyph translate an in-person experience, one they had spent years refining, into something that could happen online? How would Petroglyph take an activity that you do with your friends and family in their carefully designed stores and shift it into people's homes?

The Team

Solspace partnered with the team at The Strategic Web and began a consulting project with Petroglyph to help them uncover the foundational activities and key business assets that could be leveraged to create a compelling online offering.

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The Method

This was a pure consulting project. We brought the Web Reliability Framework as well as The Strategic Positioning Spectrum to bear on the problem. The goal is always business therapy, which emphasizes a dialectic methodology of helping the client come to their own realizations and epiphanies about their business, their core assets, and their prime opportunities.

The Result

Early in the process we helped uncover the fact that there were members of the Petroglyph staff that were perfectly suited to taking the 'Petroglyph Experience' online in the form of video and webinar formats. In advance of this, Petroglyph also moved forward with a phased approach to curbside pickup and drop-off from their already ideal storefront locations.

In addition to realizing activities they could do to generate revenue and serve customers, Petroglyph also reconnected with the real value they offer. We may not have written any code, but that's some pretty good creative development if we do say so.

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