Content Stewardship for Maury Yeston

Content updates and management were the problem. Content stewardship was the solution.



Maury Yeston is a multiple award-winning American composer, lyricist, educator and musicologist.



Solspace partnered with designer Eric Miller to update, and our client was thrilled with the new version of the site and looking forward to managing it himself, with a little coaching and support from Solspace.



After the new site launched, our client found the initial upload of content was taking much more time than anticipated, as he needed to learn the system and the process as well as add and manage the content. The scope of the work conflicted with his ongoing busy professional life and wide range of creative projects.


How big?

Our client’s website must provide reliable current information for a broad variety of users and publications. The impact of outdated content can be substantial and far-reaching.


Our role

Solspace earned our client’s trust during the site build and provided coaching and support as he learned to manage content. This perfectly positioned us to take over the work for him when the need arose.



Since Maury already trusted our team, it was easy for him to ask for additional support. We first offered additional coaching, then took on some tasks. He was so pleased with the way we took care of those that he decided to give everything to us. Solspace’s Content Stewardship created enormous relief and a very happy client!

An Award-Winning Client

Maury Yeston is an American composer, lyricist, educator and musicologist. Best known for his Broadway musicals and their music and lyrics, including NINE and Titanic, both of which won Tony Awards for best musical and best score, as well as Grammy nominations. Maury Yeston also won two Drama Desk Awards for NINE, and his work on Broadway’s Grand Hotel was nominated for a Tony and two Drama Desk Awards and won London’s Olivier Award.


The Introduction

Solspace was first introduced to Maury Yeston by our frequent design partner, Eric Miller. He was working on an update and design refresh for the website, and recommended us for the build of the new design elements and an ExpressionEngine upgrade. We were thrilled at the chance to partner with Eric again, and to be able to work so closely with Mr. Yeston, who insisted we call him Maury. Having a world-class creative client made the project a true collaboration and an adventure for all involved.

The Real Cost of DIY Maintenance

When at last the final refinements were made and the site launched, the whole Solspace team worked with Maury to make sure he felt confident with the day to day business of updating and managing site content, to keep up with his very active professional life and ongoing accomplishments. Our Company Administrator, Missy had a special rapport with him and became his go-to for questions and support as he spent time learning the system and the process for uploading and managing images and content. But he was being pulled away by his work on several Boards, and a new play in progress, and he fell behind with the website work.


Trust Creates Solutions

Since the Solspace team had already earned our client’s trust, it was easy for him to ask for additional support. Missy took on a few tasks, supported by the team. Maury was so pleased with the quality and speed of our content work that he soon asked if we could take it all on! We were very happy to oblige, and he was very relieved to be free of the work. Solspace’s Content Stewardship program ensured that the site stayed up to date and served our client as well as possible until he was ready to update the site himself again. Sometimes the best DIY solution is handing off burdensome site maintenance tasks to someone who can keep up with them, to make sure your site stays current, engaging, and reliable.

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