We’re Discontinuing Some EE Add-ons

We're converting our ExpressionEngine add-on library to be compatible with ExpressionEngine 3.x. This is the ideal time to have a reality check about which of these add-ons is worth the trouble to continue to maintain and which needs to be deep sixed.

Honestly, it's very difficult to make money with ExpressionEngine add-ons. With development, maintenance, support and rewrite costs factored in, they are a break even proposition for the most part. The worth of a library of ExpressionEngine add-ons is really in its ability to generate leads for client service work. The irony for Solspace is that, even though 80% of our revenue is made from working on client projects like building API integrations, custom web software, websites and all that good rot, people don't seem to know it. They know us for our library of ExpressionEngine add-ons. The ones that don't make us any money! So let it be known, Solspace is and always has been primarily a client services company.

Freeform Pro and Calendar both sell quite well. They are right on the verge of making money. Favorites and Facebook Connect do okay - they make small change - but don't demand much attention from us. Super Search tries to do too much and as a result needs care and feeding, but it sells okay. Importer sells alright but will be too costly to rebuild for EE3, and being a complex add-on, it costs a lot to support. However, what doesn't sell very well is Friends, Tracker, Static Page Caching, Primary Category, Template Morsels, Comment Uploads and Selected. We built and released those because we needed them at the time. All of these things taken together, accumulate and turn into a distraction. We then have trouble focusing on our popular add-ons and making sure they can compete with other EE dev products. Additionally it pulls us away from doing work on other platforms like Craft. So that said, we have given much thought and consideration, and unfortunately need to discontinue some of our EE add-ons.

You can see the full list of EE3 conversion progress and discontinued software here.

If we are discontinuing something that you really need for a client project, get in touch. We can work with you to create an EE 3 compatible version. But on the whole, it's time for us to jettison some cruft in our ExpressionEngine add-on library.

Remember, Solspace is a client service company. In particular, we are an API integration company. We connect various cloud services together, like Salesforce, HubSpot, Facebook, and to your CMS. We build custom stuff. We maintain big complex sites over long periods of time. And we also sell some add-ons for ExpressionEngine and Craft.

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