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Podcast: Zack Bloom from Cloudflare Part 1 - The Fundamentals

June 11, 2020

If you know about making a website fast and reliable, then you know about Cloudflare. This is the first of a series of episodes where I explore Cloudflare from an expert, Zack Bloom, Cloudflare’s Head of Developer Marketing.

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Podcast: Sarah Spaulding Part 2 - Make It Diverse To Make It Creative

May 28, 2020

We all know that creativity is the lifeblood of success. But how do we create workplaces that foster creativity? Sarah and I discuss how to create diversity and thus foster the imagination.

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Podcast: ProPublica Part 2 - Bake It!

May 7, 2020

The goal is a website that stays out of the way. It needs to not crash. It needs to be fast. It needs to not care what people are doing on the backend. Here’s Frank Sharpe and Mike Tigas of ProPublica once again to tell us more about how to get to that state of Web Reliability.

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Podcast: ProPublica Part 1 - Cache It!

May 4, 2020

Can Craft CMS run a website that will see massive global traffic spikes? Definitely. Listen to Frank Sharpe and Mike Tigas from ProPublica tell us how.

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Migrating Big Sites to Craft CMS 3

April 15, 2020

Planning a big site migration to Craft CMS 3? Read this overview guide to get some ideas of the broad strokes of what you should plan for.

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Podcast: April Anderson Part 2 - Psychic Moments

April 9, 2020

How do you know when it’s right? Whether you’re talking about friendship or dating or website development, finding the right fit is integral to making your life and business work.

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Web Developers, This Is Your Dunkirk Moment

March 19, 2020

Right now there is a business in your town that needs you, a small mom and pop shop that is going to go under due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. You have the experience, talent and skills to bring that business to safety. This is your Dunkirk moment.

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Podcast: Scott Hutcheson Part 2 - A Boring Car or An Invisible Butler

February 13, 2020

A boring car is a great car. An invisible butler is a great butler. In the right setting, one of the best things to be is inconspicuous, unassuming, undemanding. In this podcast episode we hear part 2 of Scott Hutcheson where we talk about how difficult it is to create something so reliable that it feels invisible.

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Podcast: Scott Hutcheson Part 1 - Conversation Is Your Tool

January 31, 2020

Your web developer is your primary care physician. If they can’t hold up their end of a conversation, the relationship may be on it’s way out.

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How To Be A Producer Of An Anti-Reality Tv Show

January 17, 2020

The producer of a reality tv show has one main job. That job is to create the right conditions for chaos. Your job as a website producer is the opposite; exactly and diametrically the opposite. Your job is to create boring.

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