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Podcast: Zack Bloom from Cloudflare Part 2 - Security

July 2, 2020

The internet should have been secure from the beginning. It wasn’t. Cloudflare is fixing that, virtually for free. Listen to the next in a series of podcasts with Zack Bloom of Cloudflare.

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Podcast: Zack Bloom from Cloudflare Part 1 - The Fundamentals

June 11, 2020

If you know about making a website fast and reliable, then you know about Cloudflare. This is the first of a series of episodes where I explore Cloudflare from an expert, Zack Bloom, Cloudflare’s Head of Developer Marketing.

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Podcast: ProPublica Part 2 - Bake It!

May 7, 2020

The goal is a website that stays out of the way. It needs to not crash. It needs to be fast. It needs to not care what people are doing on the backend. Here’s Frank Sharpe and Mike Tigas of ProPublica once again to tell us more about how to get to that state of Web Reliability.

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Podcast: ProPublica Part 1 - Cache It!

May 4, 2020

Can Craft CMS run a website that will see massive global traffic spikes? Definitely. Listen to Frank Sharpe and Mike Tigas from ProPublica tell us how.

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Podcast: Sarah Spaulding Part 1 - Follow Your Gut

April 23, 2020

Did you know that diatoms are algae that produce 50% of the air we breathe? And did you know that websites are an important way of getting that word out?

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Podcast: COVID-19 Edition IV Solocast

April 16, 2020

Even in the midst of this pandemic as we head into a deep economic recession, there’s still a lot of web development work to be done. In this episode I round up what I know so far in terms of emerging patterns and trends in web development as website and content owners pivot in response to this unexpected new reality.

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Podcast: April Anderson Part 2 - Psychic Moments

April 9, 2020

How do you know when it’s right? Whether you’re talking about friendship or dating or website development, finding the right fit is integral to making your life and business work.

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Podcast: COVID-19 Edition III with Brandon Kelly

April 1, 2020

Brandon Kelly, founder of Pixel & Tonic, the company behind Craft CMS, talks with me about the current state of the Craft CMS community as we enter our third week of COVID-19 pandemic lock-downs.

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Podcast: Covid-19 Edition II with Eric Miller

March 25, 2020

Global pandemic? Economy grind to a halt? Now’s the time to build.

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Podcast: Scott Hutcheson Part 2 - A Boring Car or An Invisible Butler

February 13, 2020

A boring car is a great car. An invisible butler is a great butler. In the right setting, one of the best things to be is inconspicuous, unassuming, undemanding. In this podcast episode we hear part 2 of Scott Hutcheson where we talk about how difficult it is to create something so reliable that it feels invisible.

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