Mitchell Kimbrough
Mitchell Kimbrough


Posted on Apr 22, 2015

Podcast: Brad Parscale on Growth

In this podcast I talk to Brad Parscale again, 2 years after he took over running EE Conf, formerly EECI. We talk about his plans for EE Conf being held in San Antonio and how he’s going to give you the brand new Presidential Suite in a brand new hotel he had built just for the EE community. (kidding a little)

Brad and I spend most of our time on this podcast talking about strategies for shaping a web agency. As some of you know, Brad’s business relies heavily on web marketing for small to medium sized businesses with a regional focus. We talk in detail about what this means and how it differs from running an agency that serves primarily large clients with deeply technical web builds.

And tune in for an interesting side conversation. Brad schools me on how mergers and acquisitions are not just for gigantic multinationals. Any company can benefit from partnering or acquiring strategically. It doesn’t necessarily require a fat bankroll. Instead it seems to require a highly tactical and cooperation oriented mind.

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