We are removing ExpressionEngine 1.x support from our software

December 27, 2012

ExpressionEngine 2.0 public beta was released 3 years ago on December 2nd, 2009, and ExpressionEngine 2.1.0, the first non-beta release, was released 2.5 years ago on July 12, 2010. Earlier this month, EllisLab retired ExpressionEngine 1.x into a legacy product, and it is no longer for sale.

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ExpressionEngine 2.5.4+

December 21, 2012

With the recent release of ExpressionEngine 2.5.4, EE’s built in Cross Site Requst Forgery protection (secure forms option) changed. This change affected many of our addons with submission forms.

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Automate Shortened URL’s for your Entries with Shortcut 2.0!

November 12, 2012

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Shortcut 2.0, which includes many new features, one of which allows you to automatically generate shortened URL’s when publishing/editing entries!

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Language Files for Solspace Add-ons now on Github

October 21, 2012

This week we have put all of our language files on github so people can translate them and submit translations to be shared if they wish. Our own Nicolas Bottari has started the flow by making Freeform work in Canada (French language files added to github).

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Price Increase

October 19, 2012

On November 1, 2012 we will be increasing the prices of all of our add-ons by an average of 30%.

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Freeform Pro

July 25, 2012

Coded anew, from scratch, from the ground up, rethought and redesigned from top to bottom, Freeform 4 builds on a tool that has been indispensable to ExpressionEngine website development for years. Always has been free. Always will be. And now there’s Freeform Pro when you need extra strength and flexibility.

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Importer 2.1 - now works with Playa and Matrix field types!

May 24, 2012

We are very pleased to announce the release of Importer 2.1, which now includes full support for Pixel & Tonic’s Playa and Matrix field types! This is a free upgrade to existing Importer 2.x license owners. smile

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The Power of the Web Developer

October 24, 2011

In this new world, if you want to do anything of reach and importance, you need a web developer. If you want it to be good, you need an ExpressionEngine web developer. This gives us (EE web developers) the power; power we are unaccustomed to. What are we going to do with it? How are we going to keep it in check? How are we going to retain it and show others how best to use it?

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Communicate first, meet deadlines second

January 13, 2009

Better to talk with your client every day and miss your deadlines than to meet your deadlines and never pick up the phone. Many times over the years I have learned the lesson above. The power of the check-in call is undeniable from my point of view. Several times, during busy seasons, we have met deadlines and under-spent on budgets, yet still frustrated our...

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