How To Run More Than One Domain On A Single Craft Install

April 4, 2020

You point your domains at your favorite web host. Then send that incoming traffic into appropriate directories on your server. But how does that traffic reliably land in the correct Site in Craft? This post fills in the missing bits.

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Podcast: COVID-19 Edition III with Brandon Kelly

April 1, 2020

Brandon Kelly, founder of Pixel & Tonic, the company behind Craft CMS, talks with me about the current state of the Craft CMS community as we enter our third week of COVID-19 pandemic lock-downs.

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Encouraging Numbers From Craft CMS Plugin Land

March 31, 2020

We’ve noticed some encouraging numbers from our Craft CMS plugin sales. We wanted to pass the encouragement on to other developers and clients.

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Podcast: Covid-19 Edition II with Eric Miller

March 25, 2020

Global pandemic? Economy grind to a halt? Now’s the time to build.

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Podcast: Covid-19 Edition

March 20, 2020

Take it from some old timers; this too shall pass. As we just now start making sense of how our new world is going to be post-COVID-19, I talk with a few old friends who have been through this sort of thing before: Jason Siffring, Matt Weinberg and Eva Passalacqua. We have a lot of positive things to say. I hope you’ll listen and walk away motivated.

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Web Developers, This Is Your Dunkirk Moment

March 19, 2020

Right now there is a business in your town that needs you, a small mom and pop shop that is going to go under due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. You have the experience, talent and skills to bring that business to safety. This is your Dunkirk moment.

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COVID-19 Response

March 18, 2020

Free licenses to Freeform and Calendar for those in need.

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How To Add Featured Search Results To Craft CMS

March 9, 2020

So you want to curate the search results pages on Craft CMS. Maybe you want to charge your listing customers for a premium featured spot when certain searches are conducted. Maybe you want to bubble specific results up to the top of search depending on specific keywords. Read on to see how we did it for Here Comes The Guide.

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Podcast: April Anderson Part 1 - Courage Through The Lens

February 27, 2020

Sometimes you have to stare down a herd of stampeding horses. It helps to see clearly through the right lens and it helps to have a friend along.

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Podcast: Scott Hutcheson Part 2 - A Boring Car or An Invisible Butler

February 13, 2020

A boring car is a great car. An invisible butler is a great butler. In the right setting, one of the best things to be is inconspicuous, unassuming, undemanding. In this podcast episode we hear part 2 of Scott Hutcheson where we talk about how difficult it is to create something so reliable that it feels invisible.

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