Our First Commercial Craft Plugin: Shortcut

You may recognize Shortcut from our list of ExpressionEngine addons. Shortcut let's you make an alias of a long URL. It lets you create much shorter URLs on your website so that you can share and promote content on social media more effectively. It was originally designed to support the use of shortened domain names. For example, we use it daily at Solspace when we create shortcut URLs like

We use Shortcut all the time on our EE2 site and now we can use it on the Craft CMS sites we develop as well. The Craft version of course includes a control panel on the backend of the Craft CMS, but it also takes advantage of Craft widgets to provide you with a list of your most recent shortcuts as well as the ability to create new shortcuts on the fly right from inside the widget.

We really enjoyed writing this first commercial plugin on Craft. Brandon and Brad have done a great job over at Pixel & Tonic to create a CMS platform that is fun and easy for clients to use as well as fun and easy for plugin developers to use. The architecture of the system seems to predict and anticipate what a plugin developer will want and need at every turn. It makes working within the platform really enjoyable and often pleasantly surprising.

We are continuing to invest time and effort into learning Craft and developing plugins for it as well as building client websites using Craft. In fact, we recently signed a client to build a very large donation driven e-commerce and Salesforce connected website on Craft. We can't wait to see what new developments emerge from this project.

If you need a fun little URL shortener for your Craft CMS site, you now know where to look!

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