New Fieldtypes and Exporting Options for Freeform Next Pro!

We've just released Freeform Next Pro 1.1 this week, and included with it are some exciting new features!

New Pro Features

Freeform Next Pro now includes additional fieldtypes: Confirmation, Date & Time, Number, Phone, Rating, Regex and Website.


Freeform Next Pro also includes advanced Exporting options. The Quick Export feature in the Submissions list page allows you to export all submissions for a given form in your choice of CSV, Text, JSON or XML. You can then exclude whichever fields you don't want exported. The Export Profiles feature allows admins to create more complex pre-defined export profiles that can be run by any user with proper permissions at any time.



Other Goodies

We also added some other features/refinements that are available in both Pro and Basic versions of Freeform Next:

  • Setting to hide Solspace default formatting templates from showing in Formatting Template dropdown list in Composer.
  • Example formatting template and demo template for Materialize framework.
  • Form anchor to be automatically generated so inline error returns can focus down to form, if it's lower down on page.

Version 1.1 is a free update for all customers with a valid license of Freeform Next / Next Pro. If you're currently a Freeform Next "basic" customer and you'd like to take advantage of the new Pro version features, you can upgrade your "basic" license to a Pro license for the difference in cost ($70). To do this, visit your software list page in your account area and click the Switch to Pro button.