ExpressionEngine 3 Upgrade Plan

We will be upgrading our ExpressionEngine software based on a priority list informed by a number of factors, among them being popularity, profitability, ease of upgrade, developer availability, etc.

Our first pass will include the following add-ons (not necessarily in this particular order):

Given the nature of the changes required to port an add-on from ExpressionEngine 2 to ExpressionEngine 3, some add-ons will be easier to migrate than others. Depending on developer availability and ease of upgrade, we may reshuffle this priority list with little advance notice. Our overall desire is to convert as many add-ons as quickly as possible.

Below is a secondary priority list. Some of these may jump to the higher priority list based on factors indicated above:

Our remaining add-ons are under review for conversion priority. There are some products that may not be converted at this time. As usual, you can keep up-to-date on our progress by checking out the EE Compatibility Chart.

There will also be an upgrade cost associated with each compatibility updated add-on. This helps us cover the significant cost associated with the conversion of each add-on to EE3.

We wish to thank you for your years of loyal patronage. We are grateful to have you as a customer and we hope that we can meet your expectations during this time of transition.