Compatibility with ExpressionEngine 4

We are very excited about the upcoming launch of ExpressionEngine 4! The team at EllisLab did a great job improving the interface and adding some great new features such as 1-click updating, updated channel manager, fluid fields, etc. Further to this, EllisLab made strong efforts to minimize the effect on third party add-ons, resulting in much easier and quicker conversions in most cases. Because of that, we can also pass those savings on to our customers!

That said, here's what you need to know about our add-on offerings:

Are any add-ons being discontinued?

No. None of our add-ons are being discontinued. We have discontinued some add-ons in the past, usually around conversion time, but we're now at the right number of products to effectively maintain and provide support for.

Which add-ons are ready right now?

We are still testing our add-ons for full compatibility with ExpressionEngine 4 and there are bugs still being fixed in the Developer Preview, but the following add-ons are currently compatible (or will work by EE4 release date) with ExpressionEngine 4.x:

The following add-ons require a bit more work on our part, and are not yet compatible with ExpressionEngine 4.x:

  • Freeform Classic (Pro only, there will be no free version converted as it was discontinued 6 months ago). We are also expecting to have a migration from Freeform Classic to Freeform Next by the end of November.
  • Rating
  • User

The above add-ons vary in the amount of work required to get them compatible with EE4, but depending on several factors (including developer availability), we hope to have them ready within the next week or so, or otherwise by the end of November. To keep up to date with our progress, please check out our Compatibility Chart.

What's it going to cost for me to upgrade?

This is the very exciting part. If you're already an EE3 license holder of our add-ons, we anticipate the upgrade cost for all of our add-ons will be FREE. It's possible there could be a very small upgrade fee for User or Freeform Classic if the conversion ends up being a lot of work, but we're hoping it won't be. EE2 users wanting to go from EE2 directly to EE4 will need to purchase an upgrade fee that is currently in place for EE2 to EE3.

How will I get my files?

While the conversion work was simpler for most of our add-ons, many of them will have a separate EE4-only version (while some such as Freeform Next will currently be a universal package that works with EE3 and EE4). We plan to distribute the EE3 and EE4 files together in one package, so EE3 license holders for add-ons with free updates will automatically receive access to the EE4 versions in their account.