Calendar 1.1 for Craft CMS!

After only less than one month since Calendar 1.0 launch, we're pleased to announce the release of Calendar 1.1 for Craft CMS!

Solspace Calendar 1.1 comes packed with new goodies and improvements. Some of the key additions are the new Select Dates repeat rule option, smart auto-select recurrence rule options, easier translation options, and adjustments to the Calendar control panel to appear more consistent with Craft control panel UI.

The new Select Dates repeat rule option allows you to create more complex events that recur, but not according to any real pattern. Simply enter the date and time of the first day you want the event to appear on, and then select the dates you want it to show up on again. Note: these future recurrences will all have the same start and end time, as this must be uniform.

Calendar now detects what you're likely going to do when setting repeat rules, saving you time when creating events. For example, if you set your start date to Sunday, May 8, 2016, when you select Weekly repeat option, it'll assume you probably want it to repeat on Sundays. If you select Monthly repeat option, it'll assume you either want it to repeat every 8th of the month, or on the second Sunday of every month. Or if you select Yearly repeat option, it'll assume you probably want the event to repeat every year on May 8th, or on the second Sunday of May every year. Calendar will handle all this without you having to make a single click. And of course, if you want to make the rules different, you can go ahead and help yourself. Watch the video below to see these new interactions:

And finally, we made many improvements to the look and feel of the Solspace Calendar control panel area. While we certainly tried to keep things as consistent as we could with Craft UX/UI when creating the first release of Calendar, we fell short on some areas. We've made a round of updates to address this. There may still be a few things that may not appear to be fully consistent, but with no example of a full calendar view inside the Craft CMS (and some limitations of the fullcalendar library), we have to improvise a bit. We will also continue to refine the look of Calendar in future releases. The changes were significant enough that we recreated our promo/overview video:

To see the full list of changes, have a look at the Changelog. As this is a minor update for Calendar, there is no charge to update for existing Calendar license owners. To download the latest version for updating, simply visit your account area on or Straight Up Craft.

And for a little while longer, Calendar is on sale for just $69.95!

Solspace Calendar, like all of our addons/plugins, comes with rock solid support and a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee! So try Calendar today!

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