The New Service Architecture in ExpressionEngine 3

October 29, 2015

ExpressionEngine 3 came out a couple of weeks ago. I’m really enjoying working with it as we update our addons. There is a new part of the architecture that EllisLab is calling Services. We’ll get technical and talk about a highlight in this blog post.

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ExpressionEngine 3.0 Conversions Progress So Far

October 20, 2015

Before the 3.0 version was publicly released we were allowed to participate in the developer preview. It was a very well run program, very responsive and collaborative. It helped us make significant progress in converting our ExpressionEngine add-ons. Read on for the details.

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ExpressionEngine 3 Upgrade Plan

October 15, 2015

ExpressionEngine 3 was just recently released. We have been preparing our plan for compatibility upgrades.

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The Importance of Manual Data Entry in API Integration Work

October 5, 2015

Also known as, “Just Get Missy To Do It”.

Solspace has been doing API integration projects on websites and web applications for more than a decade. One thing we know for certain is that you don’t always have to integrate API’s. Sometimes it’s perfectly sufficient to hire someone to do some simple data entry for you and save all the coding, QA and revision time.

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