Our Story

We started doing this work about 20 years ago. Which is like 150 years ago in Internet time. Servers were hamster-powered.

Cute robot

The goal was good work, not an agency

Like many founders, Mitchell looked around one day and noticed there was an agency around him. The work began more simply and unstructured, typical for the early days of the Internet. Over time, projects became more complicated, clients needed more attention, and Solspace added more team members. And these folks came with the same philosophy Solspace held from its beginnings: tell the truth and keep your promises.

Begun at the bust

It was less than a decade before the initial empty promises of the 1999 dot com Internet burst. The industry needed a reset. Mitchell created Solspace as part of that response. The vaporware of the first wave had to be replaced with authentically useful software and transparent communications. This has been the Solspace way from the beginning.

Better not bigger

Solspace grew to become a team of around 15 people located throughout the world. Growth has always focused on deepening knowledge rather than increasing staff. This makes for a stable, thoughtful team.

The freedom of focus

Solspace never intended to be a jack-of-all-trades. Our creative development generally concentrates on just one or two platforms. And, we’ve always stuck with programming and engineering. We love collaborating with fellow talented professionals offering design, content, and other creative services.