Our Process

We start by digging deeper, looking under the surface to find the real problem beneath the pain. Then we creatively develop a solution for it.


We listen more than we talk

Our clients are often like us: ready to get to work. Sometimes they are ready today. They’ve done planning and design and already know their needs. Other times they just know they have a problem to solve and need some guidance to even get started.

Over the past two decades, we’ve learned that starting work really means asking lots of questions. We’ll learn about your business goals as well as your web project goals. Using the principles of Web Reliability we’ll attempt to identify any friction or challenges before we get started. Once we’ve got a solid understanding of your needs and how to meet them it’s time to start building and delivering.

So, the discovery and diagnostic phase for us might just mean confirming you know your needs and are prepared to get to work. Or it might mean we take you through a more formal process, ask you more questions, and give you clearer plans before we start to build. Either way, Solspace is committed to making sure our work together is well planned and well produced.

Fix it Quick

Clients we’ve worked with for years started out with a small, quick project. Maybe we fixed a broken function, customized a plugin, or built a simple tool to make a website work better. These small, ready-to-go projects are a great way to get to know each other.

Complete the Project

We also have clients that come to us with projects already in process with good momentum. Visual designs might be done, needs and functions are documented, and Solspace is ready to take it over the finish line. Whether a small project or an extensive build we’ll bring your plans to life with our creative development process.

Plan the Project

Solspace is no stranger to the full concept-to-launch project. We take clients through a full discovery process to define needs, functions, costs, and timelines. We’ll connect you with other trusted experts in strategy, marketing, or design. And then we’ll all work together to make your goals a reality, and reliably revenue-generating.