Our team is distributed throughout multiple time zones across the world, making us flexible and available for diverse clients.

We’re always somewhere

It’s easy to fall into thinking of a distributed team as being “nowhere.” And it’s also easy for those teams to describe themselves as being “everywhere.” Neither is quite accurate. At Solspace we think of ourselves as always being somewhere. Our founder Mitchell is based in Northern California, USA, and we have talented team members in Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Latvia, Guatemala, and France, as well as throughout the USA.

It’s always a good time

One of the best things about having a distributed workforce is being able to work with our clients on their schedules. Programming and development need to know no boundaries, so neither does our team. No matter where you are, someone at Solspace is available for you.

Home office veterans

2020 was marked by work shifting radically from offices to homes. Solspace has always found that a distributed work environment has far more advantages than drawbacks. Solspace has always been a distributed and virtual team. We will merge seamlessly with yours.